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PVK & PRK ENGINEERS is a wholly owned subsidiary of PVK Engineers (P) Ltd.
P-V-K Engineers, a multi technology and innovative Engineering outfit was established in the year 1983 by Two Technocrats with a shared vision committed to deliver reliable Engineering Products & Services.
P-V-K's consistent growth over the last 25 years has been symbolized by diligent and committed contributions toward the Power, Cement, Petrochemical and Process & Allied Industries.
A new entity, by name PVK & PRK ENGINEERS, is registered to take care of wider area of engineering including the present activities of existing P-V-K Engineers (P) Limited also.
The group has also established a well entrenched infrastructural base by participating in the formation of associate companies which serve to compliment its principal facilities, thereby rendering a key advantage in controlling project logistics and costs.
P-V-K Engineers is dedicated to world class Engineering Products (Design & Manufacturing). P-V-K is known for incorporating the high engineering standards in all products. This attentiveness to all particulars of each design phase enables the company to ensure enduring value to our customers.
Turbine Accoustic Enclosure
Gas Turbine Inlet Ductiing
Gas Turbine Exhaust System
Hydro Mechanical Equipments
Balance of Plant (BOP)
Thermal Power Plants
Gas Power Plants
Hydro power Plants
Renewable Energy

PVK & PRK is pioneer in manufacturing of Power Plant Auxiliaries i.e. Inlet, Exhaust Systems & Stacks etc. Other equipment’s for Gas, Power Plant and Hydro Power Plants.

PVK & PRK has manufactured Inlet Ducting and Exhaust Systems for all the sizes of Gas Turbine.

We have executed the biggest size of GT Fr-9E, Exhaust Duct &By pass system for Sulaymaniah, Iraq and GT Fr-9E, Exhaust Duct & By pass system for VPCL Jamnagar.

Recently we have executed the GT Fr-6B, Exhaust Duct &By pass system for GGSR Bhatinda Project.

*Presently Two sets of GT Fr-9E, Exhaust Duct &By pass system for PDO AMAL are Under Production.
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